Skunkworks Distillery Package 2

Moonshine gets its name from the fact that it was originally made “under the shine of the moon” in backwoods distilleries.  Today, Calgary’s Skunkworks Distillery makes its moonshine using a state of the art still inside an actual building featuring all the modern amenities. And with the full knowledge and approval of the relevant authorities.

Skunkworks Moonshine is an all-Alberta spirit distilled from Taber-grown sugar beets.  Its subtle flavor – more earthy and interesting than vodka, but exceptionally smooth – makes it a great substitute spirit in martinis, highballs or Singapore Slings.  Straight up, or with club soda and a touch of bitters,Skunkworks Moonshine goes down great!

The Skunkworks Distillery package includes:

• A tour of the facility and their production process for 2;
• Tastings of their product line;
• Specialty cocktails for 2;
• Skunkworks t-shirt and hat;
• A bottle of their signature Moonshine

Bio: Skunkworks Distillery is a new Micro Distillery located in Calgary, AB. They specialize in making Premium Moonshine in small batches at their shop.