“Hudson Goes to Depot” Children’s book and Hudson/Cooper stuff toy – French language


The first book in a series featuring Hudson the Golden Retriever. Package includes the book, and two stuffed animals representing the main characters, Hudson and Cooper.  This package comes in the french language.  Donated by the RCMP Heritage Centre.  You can visit them online at: www.rcmphc.com

Bio: Author Sean McCabe is an active member of the RCMP currently living and working in the Ottawa area.  The character of Hudson was based on the author’s real-life dog: Hudson.  Hudson is a Golden Retriever originally from Chapeau, Quebec.  Hudson has followed Sean throughout his career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and has always proven himself to be a kind and loyal dog.

French bio: Le personnage de Hudson était basé sur le chien réel de l’auteur Sean McCabe: Hudson. Hudson est un Golden Retriever originaire de Chapeau, au Québec. Hudson a suivi Sean tout au long de sa carrière au sein de la GRC, Hudson a toujours prouvé être un chien gentil et loyal.

Donor contact name/info: RCMP Heritage Centre – Deb Le Dressay