780 Kennels Training Package 2

3 hours of private training with a professional 780 Kennels dog trainer.  Specialized lessons are effective for pups 6 months of age and older whether seeking basic or advanced commands, as group classes can have too many distractions in the environment for effective learning.  These sessions are divided by the hour and have no expiry date.  If advanced commands with distractions are desired, your certified guide will introduce 1 strategic k9 at a time until multiple pets are present, while maintaining a safe environment and controlled outcome.  Whether your dog needs basic obedience, is working on a specific problem or issues, or is ready for advanced obedience, 780 Kennels is a versatile and knowledgeable option to get you to your goal.  More information on 780 Kennels training programs can be found at www.780kennels.com/edmonton/private-dog-training/#specialized-lessons 

Bio: 780 Kennels provides quality dog boarding kennels and obedience training, offering everything from short to long term stays in their kennels, to basic, advanced, and problem specific obedience training.  They have experience in dog sport preparation and dealing with aggressive dogs.  Yearly memberships are offered which provide access to some free dog training and boarding sessions, lower pricing on all services, and access to monthly pack walks, and three onsite off leash dog parks.  Free memberships are offered to people who enroll in three months of puppy classes.  Honorary memberships are offered to all first responders including police, fire fighters, military and veterans.  More information on 780 Kennels can be found on 780 Kennels website at: www.780kennels.com