780 Kennels Puppy Classes

Puppy classes start on the first Sunday of each month and run for one month, Sundays 10am and Tuesday 6pm.  Puppies are eligible for enrollment after their first set of vaccinations and 1st deworming to help families get a head start on shaping behavior.  Whether raising a working whelp or companion cub, being proactive if your critter’s lesson plan for the first year is most rewarding. 780 Kennels has a unique approach with multiple instructors per class to ensure all puppies and families get the most out of their experience.  A host of information on 780 Kennels puppy program can be found at www.780kennels.com/edmonton/puppy-classes/ 

Bio: 780 Kennels provides quality dog boarding kennels and obedience training, offering everything from short to long term stays in their kennels, to basic, advanced, and problem specific obedience training.  They have experience in dog sport preparation and dealing with aggressive dogs.  Yearly memberships are offered which provide access to some free dog training and boarding sessions, lower pricing on all services, and access to monthly pack walks, and three onsite off leash dog parks.  Free memberships are offered to people who enroll in three months of puppy classes.  Honorary memberships are offered to all first responders including police, fire fighters, military and veterans.  More information on 780 Kennels can be found on 780 Kennels website at: www.780kennels.com