A Case for Our Cause™

A Case for Ned’s Wish™

The physical demands of canine police work, coupled with the challenges of age, can affect the quality of life of retired police dogs.

Medical issues and associated costs can dictate how well, how long or even if police dogs can enjoy retirement.

Ned’s Wish provides financial support for the medical care of retired police dogs.

A Cause for Heroes With Paws™

Many Police Dog Handlers adopt their canine partners when they’re ready to retire.

Of those dogs not adopted by their handlers, many successfully transition to forever homes with new families.

Ned’s Wish™ ensures the families who adopt canine retirees don’t have to compromise a dog’s quality of life due to the cost of health care.

Common Ailments and Associated Health Care Costs

German Shepherds: 5 to 7 years old

  • Cruciate (knee) ruptures (ACL, CCL) – $4000
  • Lameness and limping – $900
  • Hip dysplasia – $2400

German Shepherds: 8+ years old

  • Cruciate (knee) ruptures (ACL, CCL) – $4000
  • Arthritis – $800
  • Lymphoma – $5500

Statistics and average costs obtained with thanks from Actuarial Services, American Pet Insurance.

Support We Provide

  • Veterinary expenses for treatment of illness or injury
  • Vet or pet insurance premiums
  • Some non-deductible expenses not covered by pet or vet insurance
  • Medication as prescribed by a certified veterinarian
  • Certain prescription food as prescribed by a certified veterinarian
  • Certain non-prescription supplements as prescribed or recommended by a certified veterinarian
  • Certain holistic or herbal treatments as prescribed by a certified veterinarian, not otherwise covered by pet insurance

*Subject to approval and available funding.


Our partnership activities ensure canine retirees receive the best care possible.

  • Animal welfare charities
  • Holistic veterinary service providers
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Pet food companies
  • Technology companies supporting charitable organizations
  • Veterinary health care insurers
  • Veterinary service providers

It’s Time for Ned’s Wish™

Police dogs spend the majority of their lives ensuring the safety and well-being of others.

Retired police dogs are near the end of their lives, so by virtue Ned’s Wish is about quality, not quantity.

Supporting retired police dogs isn’t just a matter of compassion, it’s doing what’s right.