Brutus, Regimental #1114

Brutus is used to being in the line of fire.  During his career in Fredericton he was shot at twice, and both times he played an integral part in solving the shootings.

Brutus was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police kennels and worked his entire career with the Fredericton Police Force.  His central location meant that Brutus was often called in to assist the Woodstock City Police, the Canadian Armed Forces, Canada Border Services Agency, and the RCMP.

During one of his final police operations, Brutus completed a nearly 6km track, apprehended the suspect and located 10 pieces of evidence too.  All in a day’s work for a hero with paws.  

In his off time, Brutus loves to ham it up by walking on his hind legs, human style.  His fondness for acting also appears when he’s asked to do something he doesn’t like by baring his teeth in mock outrage.   But in reality Brutus the “big mean police dog” is really a soft touch and insists on starting each day with a family cuddle.