Erlo, Regimental #982

PSD Erlo, lovingly nicknamed Earl, or also known as, Buffalo Head, must have been an awesome soccer player in his past life.  When Erlo has no toys to play with, he finds and digs out a large round rock and uses his head and paws to push it around a field.  

In this life, Erlo has had a successful career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  He was born on November 6, 2012 in Innisfail, Alberta and in 2015, Erlo worked in the Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Services as a General Duty and Explosives Detection Dog.  In 2018, Erlo was transferred to Selkirk, Manitoba where he worked until his retirement. 

One of Erlo’s greatest achievements was when he tracked an armed and suicidal person in Green Timbers Park.  Erlo was not only able to track and locate this person, but also allow his handler to safely catch him.  This person later received the medical help he needed.  Separately, Erlo also helped the Gimli RCMP with a homicide investigation by successfully tracking and locating the suspected person, who was later arrested without incident.

Erlo is enjoying his retirement and thankfully has no current health issues.  In his pastime, Erlo enjoys playing with his ball, chewing on his Kong, or a stick, or just having a nice tug of war with his human, using his favorite tug toy.