Genie, Regimental #1021

Genie has just recently retired from her career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Once a PSD – always a PSD, Genie still chases her former work truck down the street as it leaves for work in the morning.

Genie was born on March 6, 2014 in Innisfail, Alberta. She started off her career with the Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Service.  She was later transferred to Brandon, Manitoba, where she worked until her retirement.

In the fall of 2020, Genie saved the life of an elderly gentleman with dementia.  He had been missing for over 12 hours and his car was found in the remote area of Tinker Creek.  Searching through difficult terrain, Genie found the gentleman laying in the tall grass and thick trees.  He had fallen down, and if Genie hadn’t found him, he would not have survived the night because of rapidly falling night temperatures.  The gentleman was rescued and transported to the hospital where he was later reunited with his family.

Thankfully Genie is staying healthy while getting used to her well deserved retirement.