Eddi, Regimental #957

Retired Police Service Dog (PSD) Eddi loves playing fetch – so much so he will bring a prospective play partner just about anything in the hopes it will be thrown for him.  When he’s excited, Eddi is known to spin like a top.  He’s obviously not prone to dizziness!

Eddi’s RCMP career was distinguished by several major captures, but the most memorable was when he tracked a suspect accused of killing a 15-year-old boy with a stolen vehicle.  Fleeing the scene on foot played right into Eddi’s paws:  when Eddi found the criminal he was in the process of stealing another vehicle.  Thanks to Eddi, he went to jail.

Eddi was born on April 3, 2012 at the Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta, where he completed his RCMP training in March 2014.  Eddi’s career was spent in Dauphin and Winnipeg, Manitoba, and then in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Eddi retired on September 13, 2021 after 7.5 years of service to the public.  He is spending his well-earned retirement with his last handler and family.