Daxa, Regimental #17

Police Service Dog Daxa had a very distinguished 5 year career and apprehended over 200 suspects. She won numerous awards, including RCMP Commanding Officers’ Certificate of Appreciation, the Best Police Officer award in Prince Albert, and she also took first place in the Canadian Police Canine Association K9 trials (think police dog Olympics gold medal).  Perhaps most rewarding was Daxa’s 2017 St John’s Ambulance Life Saving Award, given to her after a long track to find a missing person in frigid conditions.
Daxa was born at the RCMP Innisfail Kennels on August 8, 2011, and spent her career with the Prince Albert Police Service, in Saskatchewan, working for the City’s police service and frequently assisting the RCMP, too.
Daxa retired in 2018 and still sticks to her former handler’s side like glue.  Some partners are forever.