Clive, Regimental #904

Clive is a born tracker.  He came into the world at the Innisfail, Alberta RCMP kennel on September 8, 2010, and, early on, he showed great aptitude for police work.  His skills and drive were used to great advantage serving the people of central and northern BC from his home base of Williams Lake.  In 2014, Clive distinguished himself by finding a missing Alzheimer’s sufferer who wandered into the woods in the middle of winter.  After a long track, Clive’s human partner pulled the man from deep snow and carried him to safety.  


Police work is hard on dogs, and this was certainly the case with Clive: this canine hero developed spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spaces between vertebrae in the back, which leads to pain, numbness, and muscle weakness.  In his retirement, Clive has also developed Pannus, an eye condition which is slowly robbing him of his sight.  


Despite his medical conditions, Clive is a happy boy who is enjoying a well-deserved retirement.  His Kong – surely the most valued toy in any police dog’s collection – is always kept within reach and he’s even been known to protect it mother hen style, by sitting on it.  In fact, Clive might have a bit of a possessive streak as he enjoys…shall we say “borrowing” the toys of other dogs and displaying them in a grand circle with him at the centre.  And why not?  He’s earned it.