Kody, Regimental #1098

Police Service Dog (PSD) Kody is known for his work in the Peace-Liard and Kamloops Region in British Columbia (BC). While he was posted in Dawson Creek BC, he successfully tracked and apprehended a suspect who was wanted from a home invasion in which the homeowner was stabbed. One week before Kody retired, he was able to track and locate a pair of break and enter artists who were targeting rural properties in McLure, BC! He definitely has a knack for tracking!

Kody was born on October 31, 2017 in Innisfail, Alberta. His regimental number is 1098. He served with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from 2019-May 2021, before he was medically retired. 

Kody had a 20cm abscess going from his lumbar to his groin. He underwent surgery in late 2020 that successfully removed the abscess! However, the scar tissue has been causing inflammation that doesn’t allow him to perform at the level necessary to be a PSD. As he grows older, there is a great chance that he will have arthritis and mobility issues. 

Kody is known to be quite the handsome and photogenic dog with his funny crooked smile!