Dezi, Regimental #930

PSD Dezi was born on November 26, 2011 in Innisfail, Alberta. She worked in the Lower Mainland District Integrated Police Dog Service. 

Dezi primarily worked in the cities of Delta, Surrey, and Langley in the province of British Columbia. However, when called upon, she eagerly served in other cities all over the Lower Mainland.

One of Dezi’s greatest accomplishments was when she was called to search for a suspect who fled from police after ditching a stolen vehicle. She picked up the suspect’s track and began to track through thick brush and trees into a very steep ravine. She tracked along a creek bed and before reaching a large culvert, the suspect yelled out: “Please don’t send the dog! I give up!”. The suspect then surrendered and was arrested. He was absolutely terrified of police dogs and if it wasn’t for Dezi’s presence, he wouldn’t have dropped his gun. This demonstrates how brave and strong she is!

Dezi lives with another retired PSD named Tyson. She has a bit of an mischievous side to her as she loves to steal his toys! She has a very strong tail and can be unaware of her own strength! Flower pots and beverages have been knocked over as well making the kids cry when it accidentally hits their faces! Dezi is very vocal and will make it known when there is a toy stuck under the couch or her frustration when nobody is throwing it for her!