Chet, Regimental #52458

PSD Chet was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the RCMP Kennels on August 5, 2010. He was sent to Moncton to be paired with his imprinter who soon became his best friend. He has worked in a number of locations including Wetaskiwin/Maskawcis and Fort McMurray. Chet has officially retired in St.Paul, Alberta.

Chet has accomplished many great things throughout his career. One memorable moment was when he tracked and located a homicide suspect that fled the scene of the crime and hid underneath a vehicle to evade being found by police. He has also located a number of missing articles such as: firearms, knives, drugs, clothing, and cell phones.

Three ways to win Chet’s affection and love is to feed him…anything! He also loves going swimming in any body of water and when he has someone to play ball with him. Chet’s favorite pastime is swimming after his ball, bringing it back, dropping it at someone’s feet, and getting them to throw it again! The best part is the little dance that he does around the feet!