Buddy, Regimental #866

PSD Buddy was born in July 2009 at the RCMP Breeding Program in Innisfail, AB. He worked his entire career in Quebec, mostly working within RCMP operations and protecting Canadian borders. His duties included supporting ERT operations, tracking border jumpers and smugglers, and searching for drugs, contraband, and large sums of money.

    Buddy had quite a successful career. He has placed himself in harms’ way numerous times to protect his handler and other officers from violent and sometimes armed individuals. There have been many times that he took abuse from dangerous individuals but that didn’t affect his kind and loving nature. He could always be counted on to do school talks and spend time with patients at the Children’s Hospital. 

    Buddy is now fully retired and was adopted by his handler! He now lives in the house and sleeps comfortably on the master bedroom carpet. He has very active dreams and runs and barks in his sleep chasing bad guys!

    Recently, Buddy suffered from a stomach torsion on August 26, 2020. Since then he has undergone surgery and hospitalization. Ned’s Wish has set up an emergency fundraiser on our Facebook page! It will be going on for the month of September. All funds raised will go to Buddy’s surgery and recovery.