Zoli, Regimental # 846

Zoli was born in Innisfail, Alta. on March 28, 2008. Zoli spent his career working for the RCMP in Strathcona County, Alta. He worked for seven years with his handler, Attila Toldy, until he was forced to retire after dislocating his jaw during training.

Luckily for Zoli he now lives with an adoring family in Beaumont, Alta. where he is spoiled rotten. Having always loved to be a part of the action, he now sneaks into kids’ bedrooms and jumps on their beds for bedtime stories. And instead of searching for drugs, he now searches kids’ backpacks for leftover lunches!

Zoli worked hard for his seven years and as a result he now has back pain, mild hip dysplasia and weakness in his hind legs. He had an episode of paralysis last year, which he fortunately recovered from.