Cento, Regimental #897

PSD Cento was born on September 8, 2010 at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre. He worked with the RCMP for his entire career. He was at B Division from 2012-2013 and H Division from 2013-2017.

Cento was a great tracker and was very successful in his ability to pick up scents. In December 2016, an 80- year old woman was attacked and sexually assaulted by a teenage male while on a trail. The responding team arrived 45 minutes after the incident, Cento was an important team member. He was able to locate a human scent on a hard -packed dirt trail that allowed for him to track the suspect. The suspect was found at a residence 2.3 km away and was arrested. Cento was able to follow the track through a trail system and roadway. 

Cento was quite chatty! He loved nothing more than talking and letting everyone know when he was in the area. He was also known to be quite possessive of anything he felt was his and wasn’t one to give it up. When he retired, he became very sneaky while in the house. One time he was so sneaky that he ate an entire loaf of bread! He didn’t ingest one bit of the plastic wrapping as!

Cento passed away just 12 hours after his half -brother PSD Farouk. He passed from a stroke while out for a walk. It was a sunny, frosty morning and he was in his favorite farm field chewing on his bite bar toy. He was deeply loved by his family. Cento and Farouk absolutely adored each other, especially when together. We hope they are running together in the afterlife.