Cola, Regimental #908

PSD Cola was born in Innisfail, Alberta on August 30th, 2010. He was paired up with Cst. Bigras and the two were posted to both Red Deer and Sherwood Park, Alberta.
He certainly made an impact in both postings! In Red Deer, Cola located evidence and money that had been stolen from a bank robbery. As if that wasn’t enough, he kept searching and found a balaclava that the robber had worn, covered in DNA! That DNA identified the suspect, who was later convicted thanks to Cola!
In Sherwood Park, a teen who had failed to show up for school was reported missing far too long after the fact. Cola located and saved her only moments before her actions could have taken her own life.

Now that he’s retired, Cola refuses to slow down! Cst. Bigras is now his owner instead of his Handler, but that doesn’t stop Cola for searching on their walks together! He locates items like gloves and discarded furniture – and then tears them apart!
While off duty in Red Deer, PSD Cola was hit by a truck. This accident caused severe internal injuries and almost took his life, but luckily he was treated well and made a full recovery. He was even able to return to full duties after the accident. Currently, he is experiencing increasing pain and weakness in his hips as well as inflammation and redness around his eyes, which accompany decreasing vision.