Izzy, Regimental #985

PSD Izzy was born in Innisfail, Alberta on March 31, 2013. She spent the majority of her career working in British Columbia with the Lower Mainland District Integrated Police Dog

Izzy has located several missing people throughout her career. One instance was finding a suicidal male who attempted to evade the Police by hiding out in a heavily wooded area
under thick brush. She was able to locate him with only minutes to spare. Another success of Izzy took place one year on New Year’s Eve. She tracked a missing person suffering from
dementia who was found in the middle of a frigid river. The person received medical care and made a full recovery!

Izzy is known to have a powerful tail! The way she expresses happiness when with her family is with the whip of her tail. She has the unique talent to clear a coffee table with just one