Dale, Regimental #929

PSD Dale was born in Innisfail, Alberta on December 4, 2011. He spent his career with the RCMP and was able to work with 3 different handlers. His first posting was at the Montreal airport. He was then reteamed to drug detection in Golden and Kamloops. There is no perfect word to describe how amazing Dale’s career as a police service dog was. He was the first dog in the entire world to be trained on fentanyl. He has made a great number of large drug seizures.

A couple of fun facts about Dale’s diet: he is on a gluten free diet by choice. He does not enjoy treats; only meats, cheese, and his favorite dog food. When you spend time with Dale, be prepared to feel loved! He has no sense of boundaries and will gladly put his nose to your face or show you his favorite toy!