Sherman, Regimental #755

PSD Sherman spent his career in the Saskatoon Police Dog Services Unit. His working career was nothing short of exciting!

A great working memory for Sherman was when he and his Handler were called out to assist with apprehending a suspect that was very well known to police and had a history of assaulting officers. Word had it that the suspect had isolated himself in a cabin with a stash of firearms, and if history indicated anything, he wasn’t afraid to take on the police! Sherman tracked the suspect from the last place he had been seen right up to the door of a residence, where he was thought to be waiting and ready. Officers ordered him to come out, making Sherman’s presence known and stating that if he didn’t come out, Sherman would be coming in to get him! Despite the suspect’s history of being unafraid to take on police, he knew he would be no match for Sherman! The suspect surrendered immediately.

After a full career of police work, Sherman retired to his new family. According to them, Sherman decided that his retirement was a brand new start and reverted to his puppyhood! He looked at his new life with fresh eyes and comfortably traded tracking for nice walks, and tugging a bad guy’s arm with tugging on the rope of his toy! He took his retirement cues from the other family dog and his new best friend, a basset hound named Bentley. Bentley helped Sherman become just one of the family, never afraid to boss the retired police dog around!