Brando, Regimental #893

Brando is a purebred German Shepherd who was born on Nov. 11, 2009 in Innisfail, AB. Brando started his career in Lower Mainland B.C. and went on to a posting in Yellowknife and then Yorkton, SK. He worked with handler Cst. Scott McLeod until 2013 when he was re-teamed with Cpl. Craig Matatall.

Brando enjoyed going to presentations with Cpl. Matatall, but he usually made it difficult to give them. He liked to bark when Cpl. Matatall was speaking and when Cpl. Matatall stopped talking, so would Brando. It made for long presentations. Brando also has a love for Cheerios and hunts for every last one no matter if they’re tossed into the grass or snow.

Brando retired in 2018 and had no specific health problems at the time; however, he is now having some trouble with his back and is experiencing some anxiety.