Angus, Regimental #841

Angus is a pure bred German Shepherd and was born on March 21, 2007 in Innisfail, Alta. Angus worked in Innisfail in 2009 followed by the Winter Olympics in 2009-2010; Fort McMurray, Alta. from 2010-2013; and finally Nanaimo, BC from 2013-2016. His partner was Jeremy Trottier.

Angus has amazing tracking skills and on his very first call he was able to track a murderer to his home. The following day, he located the murder weapon in a swamp. Angus had a very successful career with the RCMP and is now retired.

Even though he has been retired for three years, Angus still howls every time he hears a siren. He still lives with Jeremy Trottier and they enjoy lots of bonfires together. Angus especially enjoys trying to eat the sparks!

Although Angus is enjoying retirement, he has an autoimmune disease that impacts his feet and hips. He requires prednisone to manage his pain. He has also had extensive dental work that may need follow-up treatment.